African Savannahs


The International Cat Association (TICA)- registered Savannah Cat Breeder in Park Forest, Illinois

As an accredited Savannah Cat Breeder registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) in Park Forest, Illinois, we take immense pride in offering a diverse selection of African Savannah Cats. You can select from our boldly-spotted and clearly-featured felines, carefully chosen from F1 to F5 generations. Moreover, these cats come in various colors, types, and patterns, providing a multitude of choices for even the most discerning Savannah Cat lover.

Our African Savannah Cats are renowned not only for their striking appearances but also for their endearing personalities. We achieve these exceptional traits through meticulously designed breeding programs that ensure they embody the true essence of this unique breed.

African Savannah Cats are celebrated for their sleek, athletic bodies, adorned with distinctive wildcat-like markings. Their coats showcase an alluring blend of spots, rosettes, and stripes reminiscent of their wild ancestors, adding a touch of elegance to any household. With their long legs and large ears, they exude a regal aura.

What truly distinguishes African Savannah Cats is their intelligence and playful disposition. They thrive on human companionship, forming robust bonds with their owners and eagerly engaging with both families and individuals. It’s not unusual for these cats to become devoted companions, faithfully following their owners.

Lovingly Raised African Savannah Cats

We lovingly raise our African Savannah Cats in a nurturing environment, ensuring they become well-socialized and are prepared to become cherished members of your family. Whether you’re seeking a majestic F1 or a more domesticated F5 generation African Savannah Cat, we offer a wide array of options tailored to your preferences.

Welcoming an Extraordinary Companion

When you choose one of our African Savannah Cats, you’re not simply acquiring a pet; you’re extending an invitation to an extraordinary and beautiful companion into your life. Discover the enchantment of African Savannah Cats today and savor the joy of having a unique feline friend by your side.

Placement of retired male and female available.
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